She is a highly skilled professional coach who has spent her life building our future generations with this skill for over 30 years.

She has studied and mastered the complex nature of humans and their thoughts and now assists others do the same with “Aligning Minds”

Anna inspires transformational shifts with strategies and learnings she has mastered over the years and is an expert in looking deep for the reasons people fail to achieve their dreams, especially in overcoming fear and finding inner peace.

Her skill set has emerged from applying knowledge and skills from various educational forms, some of which are a Degree in Education, Master in Coaching and Human Behaviour, NLP Practitioner and Values Pendulum Consultant as well as her own life experience.

Her comforting and relaxed style allows clients to easily warm and confide in, within the safe and professional environment she creates for them.

Anna believes ‘anything is possible’ and ‘everyone has the potential to create lasting change’.

"As a result of working with Anna, I now feel like I can give myself permission to not be responsible for everything around me, that it’s ok to play, in fact it’s essential that I play. Anna helped me reconnect with my inner child whom I now spend heaps of time with, playing and nurturing. Anna reminded me that it’s not too late to have a happy childhood. I would recommend Anna to anyone who wants to be challenged in areas they feel stuck, her approach and way to call it as it is empathetic whilst supportive to extension and growth."


"Anna is not only an excellent listener and good coach she is an authentic and compassionate person. I recommend Anna as a coach and to engage her as a coach to assist you with the big questions and any significant change of direction. I also recommend Anna’s coaching as a preventative measure and effective forward planning to enable the best and most desired life choices and outcomes."

Debra Plowman

"Anna is an outstanding coach who helped me uncover limiting beliefs and patterns that I was not aware of and which were holding me back from moving forward in my life and business. Anna is highly skilled in digging deep in order to identify the root cause of the issues. I highly recommend coaching with Anna and I would definitely work with her in the future again. Thank you Anna, I really appreciate your work and guidance."

Corina Lorenzi